Some highlights from this year and some predictions for next.
Things could be going better

November 2022

In which I watch almost all of the World Cup Official Films and talk about when I went to Qatar

September 2022

The Queen died, don't know if you heard?

July 2022

Is tied directly to Twitter and the likely dissolution of the Pac-12?

June 2022

It's... a lot.
Hopefully the last about LIV for a while and financial problems in netball and Derby County.
Plus Jai Hindley wins the Giro, a bunch of soccer news and running marathons.

May 2022

We're nearly done talking about modern pentathlon, I promise.

April 2022

An argument against pro-rel, UEFA keeping the clubs happy but not equal, and a bunch of cycling stuff you'll hate.
Turns out there's a dark side to being old.

March 2022

Pentathlon's new mobile game and streaming service, French football broadcast dealings and F1 held hostage